Prajna, The Best Knowledge – Climate Change


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The concept of Prajna, or ‘the best knowledge’, is sometimes known as a state in which wisdom prevails over needs and desires.  It also has many deeper layers of meaning and practice, all worth exploring.

Climate change is a fairly large global challenge, with a number of great minds working on the problem, but we can all do our part to minimze our individual impact on the environmnent.  The practice of “Sustainable Living” can mean many different things, but for many, it’s a call to action, which can be simply applied…

You are cordially invited to learn about climate change, reflect on your current practices, and experience a change in how you make simple everyday choices.  (This invitation is loosely based on the three prajnas, of which I know very little, and inspired by a passage in the book, “Buddha Is As Buddha Does”, by Lama Surya Das).

The Global Living Project, a program of author and lecturer Jim Merkel (Radical Simplicity), promotes the value and practice of a sustainable, low impact lifestyle.

To explore your ecological footprint, take a simple quiz which measures your transportation, housing, energy and food consumption practices, then consider possibilities for making changes toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Finally a challenge with a sweet reward – homemade apple crisp to the first blogger who can identify the source of the following:

“It is not enough just to meditate and pray, which are always good things to do, but we also must take positive action in this world.”

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2 Responses to “Prajna, The Best Knowledge – Climate Change”

  1. Randy Richards Says:

    Per Cindy’s article: I’ve just watched the DVD Escape from Surburbia. I highly recommend this documentary. Please see it and pass it on to your friends.

    Here’s the description: After condemning America’s oil dependency in his 2004 documentary The End of Suburbia, filmaker Gregory Greene here addresses the solutions htat will avert catastrophe, outlining the issues actively moving the energy crisis form theory to reality. Spurred to action by the realities of peak oil, Greene focuses his camera on individuals across the country brave enough to challenge and instigate their communities into serious change.

  2. Serious Change Says:

    Taking steps like these all helps towards curtailing climate change and the impact on our environment. However, to make a real impact we need Serious Change. The real issue is the economy and we need to lobby governments to save our economy from climate change.

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