North Mountain Flutes


By Brenda Dowst,
MSI Board Member
Pictou, Nova Scotia
The potential for making great connections is everywhere, and I seem particularly attracted other music lovers.  Just before I returned to New Hampshire from Nova Scotia, about a week ago, I met Mike Cheney.  Mike was playing a gorgeous Native American two pipe flute at a local craft fair at his display of some thirty handmade wooden flutes.  We spent about 1/2 hour talking, listening,handling the flutes and learning about his interest in Native American flutes.  Mike lives in what Nova Scotian’s refer to as the “Valley” on the Bay of Fundy.   He is a delightful person, an excellent performer and a superb flute maker.  I gave him our web address and told him about the Chimu Inka’s tour.  He expressed an interest in being associated with Mountain Spirit Institute, and making a connection with the Chimu Inka flute players.  I suggested we exchange links to each of our web sites.  His web address is:  We talked briefly about how to include music on our web site and  Mike suggested a video clip of the Chimu Inka as a beginning.  I wanted to purchase one of his flutes, but just couldn’t make up my mind about which one.  Mike is in the process of producing his first CD, and I can’t wait to hear it.  He is a trained piano player and has a deep understanding of the role that music plays in our health and well being.

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