This week’s Living on Earth at NPR


Living On Earth, Sunday Mornings: NPR

Living on Earth, the brilliant environmental show on Sunday mornings on NPR had some very interesting and relevent pieces today. If you didn’t get a chance to hear the show,  check them out at their website where you may listen to their realplayer or mp3 versions. Here are some of the interviews I found important and worth a listen.

Fire Retardants Stoke Controversy
The wildfires in California have been contained, but controversy over the use of fire retardants continues to blaze.
Host Bruce Gellerman talks with Andy Stahl of the Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics and Tom Harbour from the U.S. Forest Service about the effectiveness and possible environmental effects of flame retardant.

Wal-Mart’s Wishes
The world’s largest retailer says it won’t do business with suppliers who violate environmental laws. But can Wal-Mart’s low-cost mission align with its lofty goals for sustainability? Host Bruce Gellerman talks with green business consultant Andrew Winston about how Wal-Mart can clean up its act while cleaning up the environment. Andrew Winston from Winston EcoStrategies is interviewed.

Hosiptals Go
Critics say hospital buildings and food are enough to make you sick. Today there’s a growing movement in health care to get hospitals to green their facilities and, as host Bruce Gellerman reports, it’s transforming the medical community. Food and Water Watch  is mentioned.

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