Yes Magazine Does it Again, Keeping the Face to the Sunshine


By Randy Richards
A Native American phrase, “keep your face to the sunshine and you won’t see the shadows”, is apropos for todays’ daily doses of bad news. Edward Griffin who wrote the Creature From Jekyll Island was once asked in a radio interview how he was able to keep such a positive attitude with all the information he had learned and written about over the years regarding the shadows of power in American society and government. He replied that he had made up his mind a long time ago to keep the information separate from his outlook on life. He then mentioned he had learned the hard way, inferring he had a rough time early on. In the interview, he look remarkably at peace and well balanced, unlike some of my friends that can’t sleep at night because of what they know.

Yes Magazine by Positive Futures Network
Yes Magazine by Positive Futures Network

If you’ve not picked up a copy or subscribed to Yes Magazine, I suggest you do so yesterday. We have reprinted one of their articles in one of our newsletters, with the magazine’s gracious permission. The Winter ’09 issue cover story is titled “Sustainable Happiness”, with the subtitle “The Good Life Doesn’t have to Cost the Planet”. Articles include “10 things Science says will make you happy”; “No Gifts? One Family’s Amazing Green Holiday”; “Why is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling?”,  and “Dee Williams Lives Large in 84 Square Feet.” One thing that caught my eye in this issue was the graph on page 20 entitled: “Who Has The Money” Who’s Happier?”. The graph states, “There is no correlation between a country’s per capita GDP and its score on the Happy Planet index”.  “On a bang-for-buck basis, the US is the world’s biggest loser,” states the magazine. You can order a copy and learn more about the magazine at

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