Sound Travel Tips

Autralia's TravelSmart Program

Autralia's TravelSmart Program

If you’re looking for some of the most concise, easy to read travel tips and up-to-date travel advisories and advice read on. Included with my wife’s Aussie passport, is a travel brochure supplied by the Australian government. We all know Aussie’s and Kiwi’s are known for their Overseas Expeditions (OE) often lasting years. What better place to go for fine-tuned info. I picked up the brochure this morning, and scanned such titles as travel health,  insurances (exciting topic), reciprocal health care agreements, the law, and tips on each region.  A visit to their website shows the brochure (with assistance of Lonely Planet) in its entirety under different links for each topic on travel advisories and tips. It’s well organized and concise, from a country who’s citizens know travel.

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4 Responses to “Sound Travel Tips”

  1. Jack Home Says:

    Thanks for writing,I really enjoyed your newest post.I think you should post more frequently,you obviously have talent for blogging!

    • mtnspirit Says:

      Jack, thanks for the kudos. Looks like all those years of wire services photography and newspaper writing aren’t for naught. I appreciate the feedback. You’ve fed the fire a bit more. I’ve got a few stories in the oven. Thanks again. Randy

  2. Naresh Says:

    nice travel tips…keep writing new article like this.

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