Inbox: Water Bottle/T-Shirts


Pristine Water Bottle & Filter/T-Shirts in Peru’s Winter?
How effective do you think the water bottle with filter is?   Will it get
warm enough for us to wear T-shirts?  I am trying to
sort out what to bring .
S. Reid

Hi S,
Yes a couple of T-shirts will come in handy, as it will be warm enough, in the sun,…especially when walking or hiking. You can find fun T-shirts  in Peru too, but the cotton is usually of a bit thinner quality. Just don’t forget a good poly-pro or fine-spun wool under layer regardless of the T-shirt decision.

Pristine Water Bottle/Filter

Pristine Water Bottle/Filter

Water Bottle: According to the doctor*, (*see previous post on Travel Essentials) the water bottle is his front line of defense. He has used it daily in India, Peru etc. as has his wife, who I also met at the office. Both he and the water bottle have a good reputation.

The beauty of this device is it frees one up from purchasing tons of bottled water, and thus, reduces the plastic purchased. When we do purchase bottled water, we can also pour that into the bottle/filter, which is really doubling up on protection, however I’ve drunk bottled water for years and never had a problem as long as I check the seal to make sure it’s a new factory sealed bottle.

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