Peru’09 Program A Success

Peru'09 Group in Cuzco

Peru'09 Group in Cuzco with Chimu Inka

Facilitators Guillermo Seminario and Randy Richards are back in Cusco after leading a truly unique 14-day program.  “We set out to offer something that connects our participants with the culture, the people and land of Peru, and we did it” says Richards.  MSI’s programs and mission are inspired from both: a) Outward Bound experiential education programs, where participants practice community building, self-reliance, compassion and “stretching out of their comfort zones”, and b) a holistic learning center such as the Omega Institute in Reinbeck, NY. However our version of a “holistic learning center” is mobile.

R & G all decked out on the Peruvian coast

R & G all decked out on the Peruvian coast

The program went off without a hitch, and the participants left feeling like they not only learned immensely about Peru, its people and history, but also something about themselves.  The image at right is the group with Guillermo Seminario and fellow band members at the Rettama Restaurant in Cuzco. Guillermo took time off from the band in order to co-facilitate the trip.

Stay tuned – Since Randall didn’t have time to do journal entries while on the program, expect to see details on the program’s stop-overs in upcoming entries. These will be posted on (roughly) a daily basis starting tomorrow. We will cover elements of the program the exemplify the tenets of MSI.

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