Peru by Bike


By Amanda Richards
Eva and I met while we were both  studying at Copenhagen University about 5 years ago. We were both  sad when we said our good-byes because  neither of us had any idea when we would  see each other again as she was heading home to Germany and I was returning to Australia.  Yet, now here we are in South America!

Eva is traveling with Sebastien and they  arrived here in Peru intent on cycling  and  hoping to explore `a strange new world, its countryside, people, cultures and languages for 2.5 months…´ Their adventures began in Lima  and they first  headed down  south to Nazca (a desert area) and then up to Cusco.

On the way to Nazca

On the way to Nazca

They have both been surprised at just how many other cyclists there are on the road – their expectation was that they would be almost the only ones on this big adventure!

After the chaos of Cairo (where they are both currently working) they are particularly enjoying the times when they are higher  up in the mountains (sometimes above 4,000m) where there are fewer people.

Up up up and down down down

Up up up and down down down

Eva and Sebastien are at Machu Picchu today and will continue with their cycle tour when they return to Cusco tomorrow. Once again Eva and I  will sadly say our good-byes and who knows when or where we will meet again. Somewhere fun!

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