Room for Improvement Dept.


By Randall Richards
I finally had to do it – I had to open up a “Room for Improvement Department”.  I’ve been holding off for as long as possible. I almost started the category in New Zealand but didn’t really feel the need. Now I must say, I do. And I think you’ll see a few more entries under this category in the next day or so.

"Wealth Group" Visits Machu Picchu

"Wealth Group" Visits Machu Picchu

When at Machu Picchu the other day, Amanda and I sat at the “Sacred Rock” area to Machu Picchu’s north end, and along with some French, observed a curious looking group. They were obviously Americans, but seemed to be huddled around someone or something.  There also appeared a professional film crew hovering around the group, complete with sound man with headphones, camera man and assistant. There were a few people hugging  for long periods of time. While I hug as well, something seemed a bit odd about all this.  When I quietly approached the group, I saw an elderly Quechua man and woman in traditional dress waiting, waiting for (it seemed more like “attending”) the group, apparently as local knowledge of some sort. I still really couldn’t see the focus of the group’s attention, so I retreated and upon doing so, asked the film crew what this was all about.

Wealth Group Guru

Wealth Group Guru

They replied that “This was a wealth creation group” and the founder of the organization was leading the group of “V.I.P’s” here at Machu Picchu.” He added that, “the leader takes people to various sites worldwide such as the Egyptian Pyramids.”

“So, a pyramid business?” I asked. “Well yeah” he responded.

We noticed five or more of them were wearing “World Wealth Creation” T-Shirts, which at first glance seemed like a noble cause. But when we learned it wasn’t about really creating wealth worldwide rather it was creating wealth for the VIP’s at the top of the pyramid who were taking the trip to Machu Picchu, we dicided there was room for improvement.

In any group traveling in foriegn countries, appropriate leadership starts at the top, and it was clear this group wasn’t really about blending in. I’m all for doing your own thing, but please, leave the camera crew and t-shirts that announce your wealth, (black in gold letters) at home. Go small, focus on your environment, encourage your followers to explore on their own, rather than follow you.  I don’t even know the fellow pictured here, and I wish him well with his growing business, but there’s room for improvement.

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