Why We Need Live Music #2


Kinobe’s Music Warms the Soul
By R Richards

Kinobe from Uganda

The main act for the Vermont International Festival a last week was the Kinobe from Uganda. I’ve had time to listen to their CD, and while I always prefer the live version of bands on stage compared to their CD, Kinobe’s CD  warms the soul. Below is a clip of them playing on stage at the festival. If you check out their website you’ll be able to find their next performance, which will be most likely be, down country in NYC or the Boston area.
Live music is vital for the soul. In the old days, before there were CD’s, mp3’s, even television, when only the rich could afford a radio, neigbors and family would sit around the living room and play instruments for enjoyment, and to pass the time.
Stay tuned for an upcoming video clip of Ray Chesna who wrote a song about just that.

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