A Good Spanish Vocabulary Site


By R. Richards
If you’re looking for a good website which has, among other things,  a good list of human anatomy in Spanish, (it comes in handy when visiting a doctor in Peru), visit this: Intro2Spanish.com. This link (which is actually rcaguilar.com, whatever that is) takes to you the Human Anatomy page. On the left look for titles that will take you any direction you wish  to head: Pronunciation Lessons, Numbers, Time, Date, Verbs, Verb Tenses, Verb Conjugation, Grammar, Gender, Grammar Terms, Pronouns, Reflexive, Vocabulary, Adjectives, Noun Cognates, Prepositions, as well as Verb Lists, and Vocabulary Lists

I need all the help I can get. Even after 12 years of working in South America my Spanish has been called “Tarzan Spanish” by a friend of mine.  The two-week Spanish school in Baños, Ecuador wasn’t a complete education.  In fact, my Spanish is probably a bit worse than it was earlier because I come and go for a few months at a time. Icommunicate OK, but I need drastic help with my verb tenses and sentence structure.  There  is hope, however.

Spanish Through Pictures, my favorite

Other resources which have help me in the past: Spanish Through Pictures, by I.A. Richards, (no relation) which is out of print. We may publish this as an online version, pending permissions. I have a hunch that the Rosetta Stone computer program (which is excellent) may have gotten its ideas from the book series by Richards published in the 1950’s.

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