New Fundraiser for MSI


Mountain Spirit is always looking for good ways to work with our friends in Peru, to give back,   also to help raise funds for our programs. Boot program fits the bill.

Handmade Fundraiser

By R. Richards
When we walked into Mariano’s boot shop in Cusco last summer we knew we were looking at high quality products. I trained as an apprentice boot maker in Austria, so I recognized the traditional European boot making techniques  when I saw them. And here they were in Cusco, Peru, in the form of high quality suede boots, custom made right in the shop. Mariano takes an outline of one’s foot, then gets to work. While we lived in Cusco we talked with him to see if we could order from the states. At an international fair we had put the boots out and they proved so popular, we decided to put them on our website. All proceeds go to the bootmaker, and to Mountain Spirit Institute to further our non-profit educational mission and programs. If you, or someone you know, would like a pair, read on and contact us.

MSI Handmade Peruvian Boots

Boots from Peru

–  Hand made from Cusco Peru
–  Unique, not mass marketed
–  Popular with the people who have ordered them so far.
–  Custom to your foot: We (or you can) outline your foot, and we send it via DHL courier   directly to Cusco where Mariano completes the order in three days and sends the boots back by DHL
– Suede leather
– Insulated
– Inlaid with traditional local handmade weavings, made on backstrap looms
– Lug Sole made by “Cat” (similar to Vibram)

Uggs Alternative

– Very comfortable
– Made to order.
– We place orders when we have nine or ten orders together.
– GENERIC SIZES OPTION: Some generic sizes are in stock and ship in 24hrs. Call for details.
-PRICES: Custom made $180.00 plus ground shipping in U.S. Price includes custom ordering and shipment from Peru by DHL. Generic sizes $140.00 plus shipping in U.S. from NH, USA
– Turn around time: 8-10 days from when order is sent from USA
-Available in New Zealand starting 8/2010

For further details or to place an order, please call 603-763-2668 or email us at

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2 Responses to “New Fundraiser for MSI”

  1. MJ Says:

    Do you have Mariano’s contact number?

    • mtnspirit Says:

      Hi! Please see my email sent to you, Will get that info to you by tomorrow…

      We’re happy to provide information on our contacts and knowledge of Peru from years of running programs. Because of the number of inquiries we receive for contacts and travel information, we’ve realized, that while it’s a service that matches our mission statement, we also realize that it takes a certain amount of time to respond to all the inquiries we receive. Acknowledging this, and in the spirit of the Peruvian custom of “Ayni”, reciprocity, we ask that you consider one of the following:
      – Giving a tax deductible donation of some amount that you feel is appropriate to Mountain Spirit Institute. You’ll receive an official donation receipt from us. We do not charge for providing information to you!
      – Please mention that Mountain Spirit Institute was of some help in planning your trip to Peru on your/or our Facebook page, on or on our Blog.
      – Please mention us to anyone you may know that is interested in a Peru educational experience (in small groups), as we endeavor to fulfill our mission by showing more North Americans the wonderful world of Peru.

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