Aerosmith, Sunapee & Peru


Tyler and Perry met in Sunapee, NH

We usually don’t write about big rock bands, but Aerosmith, being somewhat local from Sunapee, NH, USA, and having sold out tickets in Peru, seemed like an odd enough connection that we’re posting it here.  If you happen to be in Lima in May, (or in Sunapee at the Anchorage) you might run into them.

by Isabel Guerra
There’s still two months ahead before their arrival in Lima, Peru, but 10,000 tickets for their concert were sold today, during the opening of sales day.

“A new record has been set,” says MVV Asociados, the agency responsible for this concert’s press, adding that “this is the

Popular in Peru

biggest first sale ever made by any band in Peru. It seems that the tickets will be completely sold out in only a few days,” states a press release.

The concert is scheduled for May 22, and will be held at the Monumental Stadium Esplanade.

Ticket’s prices range from 72 to 624 soles (US $24 to US $208)

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