Our Water Supply: Genes affected?


New Book: Living DownStream – Shows evidence showing links between environmental toxins and cancer rates.

Our water: Filter it!

From Living on Earth
National Public Radio
Steve Curwood of LOE, interviews author Sandra Steingraber.
For the audio MP3 click here.

CURWOOD: Recently the journal Pediatrics reported a link between exposure to pesticides and the condition ADHD, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. It seems that almost every week we learn some unsettling bit of news about the effects of chemicals in our food, or water, or air, or the products we use.

Environmental chemicals have long been a concern for author and biologist Sandra Steingraber—particularly those linked to cancer. In a new film based on her groundbreaking book of more than a decade ago, Ms. Steingraber explains why her own cancer diagnosis as a young woman left lingering questions about the disease.

CLIP: I’m one of those people who really does come from a family with a lot of cancer in it. I wasn’t the first in my family to be diagnosed. My aunt went on to die of the same kind of bladder cancer that I had. I have uncles with prostate cancer, colon cancer, but the punch line of my story is that I’m adopted.

CURWOOD: Sandra Steingraber’s book, “Living Downstream”, laid out evidence showing links between environmental toxins and cancer rates in her hometown. Now a new edition of the book and the film of the same name expands the evidence of the relationship between our health and our environment. Sandra Steingraber, welcome to Living on Earth.

STEINGRABER: Thanks Steve.

CURWOOD: Where did you grow up and tell me why you relate the cancer you developed as a young adult to the environment in which you were raised? Read the rest this interview

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One Response to “Our Water Supply: Genes affected?”

  1. George-Luis Dewey Says:

    I am sure water is polluted and chemical poisoning is going on at large. I am very dubious of people who appear to be credible using ADHD as a rider in their sales pitch. It undermines other credible aspect of perhaps an otherwise perfectly interesting study. Please see the video Generation RX and you may understand what I am affirming as a more credible ethical and scholarly way of practicing medicine. By the way do you know there is a load of pharmaceutical drugs in the water supply – lots of ADHD drugs. It is sad that people are submitted to such a load of abuse and still can’t know the root cause of their affliction, they can’t have a reasonable diagnosis, a natural corrective procedure and or medical intervention. The war on cancer turned into the Corporate Cancer Big Business Community. It would be more reasonable to look for the problem in our environment.

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