Cell Phones Take a Toll


Are these frying your head?

Buried deep within a long anticipated study about cell phones is evidence indicating a strong link between mobile phone use and brain cancer. Living on Earth host Steve Curwood talks with Dr. Elizabeth Cardis, director of the Interphone study, about the findings.

A scientific controversy that affects just about all of us has come to the fore.  The question: how safe are cell phones?

A major study that was supposed to answer that question is open to question itself. The so-called Interphone Study, started a decade ago, when scientists in 13 nations set out to learn if there was a link between cell phone use and brain cancer. At last, the findings of this eagerly anticipated study have been released, and researchers found that…well…here are some of the headlines reporting the results:

“Mobile Phone Study Finds No Solid Link to Brain Tumors”- The Guardian, UK.
“Heavy Use of Cell Phones may increase Tumor Risk.” Globe and Mail, Canada.
“Mobile Phones are Safe” Die Welt, Germany.
So if you’re confused, you’re not alone. Consider these contradictory findings: High cell phone usage was linked to a doubling of the risk of deadly brain cancers called gliomas. Read more.. or to listen to MP3 of this interview.

Editor’s Note: I childhood friend of mine is now in hospice care, with a brain tumor. For many years, he has only had a cell phone, and no land line. The doctors said off the record, they were sure it was from his cell phone use, as were many others they have seen doing brain surgery.

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