Gulf Oil Spill: How you can Help



It’s easy to feel a bit helpless with the  Gulf oil spill. The first step is to stop by these Facebook pages:
Mobilize Support for Gulf Oil Beaches
Gulf Coast Oil Spill Volunteer Cleanup
If you can’t go to the Gulf and volunteer, consider a donation. We can’t vouge for this organzation, but saw it on the first listing’s Facebook page.
Donate: Emerald Coast Keeper


2 Responses to “Gulf Oil Spill: How you can Help”

  1. bp oil spill claims Says:

    Great information I have Tweeted this, I will keep a eye on your other posts. Ohh what do you all think about the about oil spill?

  2. infoglobewars Says:

    People can help by allowing these cleanup workers to wear the protection needed for dealing with toxic chemicals. The government needs to step in and take controll of the situation and help provide assitance to the already sick workers that have been forced into a corner to work for BP. Carbon air filtration systems need to be installed in homes to deal with the VOC’s (Benzene) and Hydrogen Sulfides in the air. The population thinks that we are on the “cleanup” portion of this disaster, but the solution could be houndreds of times worse then the original problem.

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