Teaching Creativity Through the Arts


Master Instructor Teaches More Than Drumming
By R. Richards
Drumming Instructor Bob Bloom teaches a lot more than drumming.  Bloom, who will be teaching Mountain Spirit Institute’s Drumming Jamaica program on February 7-11 at Treasure Beach,  has  been a regular keynote instructor on classes in creativity at Southern Connecticut State University. The semester course is instructed by the dynamic leadership of Phyllis Gelineau, PhD.  The class consists of students from various disciplines in the university system. The premise of the class, says Bloom,  “How are you going to take what you do, or what you teach, and get creative about it?”
Bob was certified in 1997 as a Master Teaching Artist by the state of Connecticut. “A Teaching Artist” says Bloom, “uses an art form to teach and illustrate something else, such as engineering, or marketing for example.

“We teach students how to apply creativity in their work, for example using a circus act to teach mathematics.” Bloom adds,  “I’ve used drumming to illustrate the democratic method on how to vote…this movement is huge, it’s burgeoning in the field of education.

Bloom is on a mission –  teaching others how to be teaching artists.  He has a marketing background, so he’s also teaching educators and administrators how to get the word out about artistic education.

The video clip was shot after Bob had been teaching a group of students for a three hour creativity through drumming class the university.

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  1. Prue Says:

    Dag nabbit good stuff you whpiesprnappers!

  2. Brandon Colker Says:

    Brandon Colker

    Teaching Creativity Through the Arts | Mountain Spirit Institute: Blog

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