Peru Newspaper Editorial on Wikileaks


The Peruvian Newspaper, El Comercio received a huge cache of Wikileaks cables. Here is an excerpt of today’s editorial in the paper on their decision making process.

Wikileaks: our duty to inform
Editorial from today’s Sunday El Comercio
English Version from: Peruvian Times

As has happened with other large news outlets in the world, El Comercio has received the Wikileaks cables, classified documents from the Department of State of the United States of America. The delivery of more than 4000 pages about Peru explain in part the dynamic of national politics and international relations.

Since November 2010 Spain’s El Pais, America’s New York Times, Britain’s The Guardian, France’s Le Monde and  Germany’s publication Der Spiegel, have published thousands of cables about events relevant to their nations and the world.

We cannot deny, however, that the lack of rigor in some cases generated a grand show and delivered a lot more noise than substance.

We are aware that the gradual release of these documents that we have been corroborating with all those involved — or at least attempting to do so, if not with the cooperation of all of them — will not be met with indifference by the readers of this journal.

El Comercio has made this decision serenely and thoughtfully, putting first the interests of the reader and the right to be properly informed about people who, for better or worse, can influence the destiny of our nation.

We have imposed a strict protocol.. Read the rest of this translation

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