Nobel Peace Prize Nominee’s Fight


See the movie China doesn't want you to see

The film 10 Conditions of Love, is the story of Rebiya Kadeer from East Turkestan, the other Tibet,  (which the Chinese call Xinjiang Province), and her dramatic fight against the ruthless oppression of 20 million people and the obliteration of 1500 years of Uyghur culture, of the global politics of energy, of super power politicking over the War on Terror, and the pain of a deeply loving family torn violently apart.

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2 Responses to “Nobel Peace Prize Nominee’s Fight”

  1. Jeff Daniels Says:

    I welcome you all to learn more about the film and Rebiya Kadeer by visiting the film’s website at

    Jeff Daniels

    • mtnspirit Says:

      Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for the comment, I usually put a link in the post, if I didn’t this time ’round sorry about that. Thanks for turning our readers on to the website.
      Warm regards,
      R. Richards

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