Aqe of Aquarius: Right Around the Corner


Meditation in Las Cajas Range, Ecuador

A few days ago, our family started doing a daily meditation which was suggested by an invitation from Snatam Kaur. The meditation leads up to  11/11/11,  when astrologically (and astronomically) speaking, we end the Piscean age and enter the Aquarian age.    I thought I’d include this article below for one take on the changeover. There are other perspectives as well.

The Aquarian Sadhana: Last 40 Days until the Aquarian Age
By Ravi Hari Singh Khalsa

We are forty days away from the historic date of November 11th, 2011 (11-11-11).
I’ve spent a large part of the past year researching Yogi Bhajan’s teachings about the Aquarian Age in preparation for writing the book We are the Aquarians, Yogi Bhajan’s Vision of the Aquarian Age. Yogi Bhajan spoke about the date 11-11-2011 repeatedly as a critical milestone marking the end of the cusp period that started on 11-11-1992 and the beginning of the transition to the Age of Nanak, which he also referred to as the Age of the Shabad Guru, and which officially begins in 2038. You might think of the period from 1991 up to the present as being the time during which changes have happened mostly on the level of vibrational frequencies.

From now until 2038 we will see the corresponding changes manifest on the physical Earth, in society, and in our consciousness. The ages change roughly every 2160 years, so this is not just another routine day. It’s not even a once-in-a-lifetime event—it’s a once-in-2000-years event! Think about this for a moment. On the soul level, each of us here today clamored to take birth on this Earth just to be here at just this time. On a cosmic level, preparations for this transition have been going on for a long time. Over two thousand years ago Patanjali gave the mantra Wahe Guru. Guru Nanak took birth over five hundred years ago to deliver the teachings of the Shabad Guru for these times. Guru Gobind Singh came to give form to the Khalsa as the model for the pure conscious humans of the Aquarian Age. Yogi Bhajan came in his time to gather us brave souls, wandering dazed and confused in this alien world, and shape us into a Khalsa (Khalsa means pure of heart) sovereign spiritual nation. Each of us has played a part in this Divine play, to be here just at this time. Nor does this process end with the change of the age. Yogiji describes this time as the beginning of a period of five thousand years, a Golden Age, during which the Khalsa will rule through service, compassion, and humility.

This coming date of 11-11-2011 is much, much more than just an important date on the calendar. It marks the beginning of a whole new age of light, consciousness, and awareness. It is why each of us is alive today. I encourage you to pause, take a moment from your daily routine and reflect upon the scale of these momentous changes that are taking place right now. In 1992 Yogi Bhajan gave us the Aquarian Sadhana as the daily practice to prepare us for the transition of the ages and for living in the Aquarian Age. This is a perfect time to give yourself a most precious gift—the gift of the experience of the Shabad Guru in a group consciousness. Monday, October 3rd marks the beginning of the forty days leading up to 11-11-2011. I encourage each of you to take a decisive step and make a personal commitment, to make it a priority to join in the practice of the group Aquarian Sadhana for these forty days.

It is time to leave our old Piscean habits and limiting mental patterns behind. The change of the times is upon us now. Now is the time to step up and give ourselves the gift of experience, the gift of Aquarian consciousness. Here are some of Yogi Bhajan’s words on this topic: Read the rest of this story…

Ravi Har Singh Khalsa is currently writing “We Are the Aquarians: Yogi Bhajan’s Vision of the Aquarian Age,” which is scheduled to be published by the Kundalini Research Institute and available at Summer Solstice 2012.

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