Snow Safety on Mt. Washington


Helping to keep Climbers, Skiers and Hikers Safer on Mt. Washington, NH, USA
Chris Josen of the US Forest Service is one of a small group of avalanche forecasters and safety personnel on Mount Washington’s east side, where Tuckerman’s Ravine sees thousands of backcountry skiers per season. Not all come well equipped or knowledgeable about how to safely travel in the winter snow-scape. Learn more about what Chris does on Mt. Washington, the highs and lows, and what motivates him.

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2 Responses to “Snow Safety on Mt. Washington”

  1. Chris Bechard Says:

    Ah…this brings back memories. My first winter ascent of Washington was in 1974. The equipment back then was quite different than it is now. When I reached the summit, the -20 cold and high wind literally took my breath away. It was then I knew I was in love with winter mountaineering…and still am today.

    • mtnspirit Says:

      Hey Chris, Greetin’s from New Hampsha..long way from New Zealand. Thanks for the comment…Yeah, I got hooked there too on a prep school winter mountaineering traverse. It got our attention back when wool and EMS 60/40 jackets were the latest technology. Whoa.

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