Cell phone tower taken down in Piura for causing health problems


by Jobana Soto, Living In Peru.com
Piura, Peru

Citizens of Piura, Peru discuss a Cell Towerc creating health issues.

Citizens of Piura, Peru discuss a Cell Tower creating health issues.

After one year of protests and complaints, Telefónica Móviles began the dismantling yesterday of one of its antenna towers located illegally in the small town of AA.HH., a poor region in Piura.

The order of the dismantling came after countless complaints by locals citing health problems like migraines, believed to be caused by the metallic structure.

In September, locals met with Telefónica Móviles and the company’s contractor, Ametra, to assure the community that November 18 will begin the removal of the tower.

But November 18 came and went, with no signs of the tower being taken down, prompting a massive protest in the AA.HH. region. Mayor of the municipal of Piura, César Palacios Castro, assured locals on Tuesday that the tower will be “put to its knees.”

Locals expect the tower to be out of their town by the end of this month.
Article by Jobana Soto: http://www.livinginperu.com/news/7893

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