Mt. Brewster, New Zealand

Returning from snow school, Mt. Brewster, NZ

Returning from snow school, Mt. Brewster, NZ

Some friends and I had a  great time in the Mt.  Brewster area last week. We did the two hour plus verticle hike to the hut from the valley floor, which got us there in the afternoon.  As Aspiring Guides Director Martin Hawes writes in their blog, “The track to Brewster Hut wastes no time in saying which way you are going: you leave the car, cross the river and then its straight uphill. At 2575 metres, Mt  Brewster is over 2 000 metre above the road and fortunately there is no valley slog to start. There is an honesty to this track. It takes you directly where  you want to go – upwards, and no messing about.”

Lisbeth & Amanda headed for Brewster Hut

Lisbeth & Amanda headed for Brewster Hut

Amanda is the roving hut ranger for DOC, and her roster took her there to collect hut fees, do maintenance and be a presence at the hut.  When we had a bit of free time, she and mutual friend Lizbeth Asserhoj from Denmark, did some basic snow school/ice axe lessons for the afternoon. The following day we worked our way over to Mt. Brewster glacier. But because of poor visiablity rain and slippery glacier polished rock we didn’t make it on the glacier. Even though we were well equipped for glacier travel, we decided to turn back for the hut. Some glaciologist who had earlier in the day been deposited by helicopter also decided to head for the hut. We later caught up with them at the hut, where they described their studies the effects of climate change on the Mt. Brewster Glacier. 

Sunset from Brewster Hut

Sunset from Brewster Hut

We based ourselves at the new hut, recently put there by the Department of Conservation in 2007. It replaces a four bunk hut that had been there for years. Even though we didn’t have time to get near the mountain itself, we enjoyed our time doing some ridge walks, snow school and getting towards the base of the mountain.  Next time we’re up there we’ll poke around a bit more, time permitting.

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