Got a Baby? Doesn’t stop this family

Family heading back from Aspiring Hut

Family heading back from Aspiring Hut

Recently, during a New Zealand national holiday, the Aspiring Hut saw a full house last Saturday night.  There were climbers, trekkers, and people of all ages. Some were making the Aspiring Hut their destination, others were headed further for Cascade Saddle, French Ridge or Mt. Aspiring’s summit.
One family was the most unique there that night. A  young couple was there with there 11 month old baby. I was amazed to see the baby stroller in the hut. It seemed so out of place. Upon quering the couple, they said they had been ill advised about the stoller, and shouldn’t have brought it.  (There is a good portion of the trail where it can be used however, not enough to warrant carrying it as much as they did).

The hike to Aspiring Hut, NZ

The hike to Aspiring Hut, NZ

Congratulations to these two for coming into the mountains with their new baby. They, and others here in New Zealand, show us that the backcountry is a place for the young and the young at heart. The next day, an elderly hiking group from Dunedin, numbering 40 or more, with an average age of 60, hiked to the hut for the day. Well done.

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