The Kindness of Strangers

Stacked stones, Fantail Falls, NZ

Stacked stones, Fantail Falls, NZ

Fantail Falls is at the trailhead for Mt. Brewster at the Haast Pass road on New Zealand’s South Island.  Taking off from the parking lot, the trail has a short bypass to the falls.  After a few days at the Mt. Brewster area, I decided to drop my pack off at the car, and come back to the falls.  Not only was I treated to the falls on the far side of the river, but also to the piles of rocks left by strangers. I doubt one person or family did them all.  Whoever stacked these rocks spaced them peacefully and artfully in front of the falls. The next  rain will most likely send them toppling when the river rises.  In searching on the internet for a particular name of stacked rocks done in a meditative aire, I stumbled across an interesting article on the subject.
Update: Since I wrote this piece, I’ve driven to the south island’s west coast and back,  and noticed these stone piles at a few inspirational locations, the beaches on the Tasman Sea, and inland, near Mt. Cook.

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