Animals Like Music

Animal-Guitar Lover

Animal-Guitar Lover

Another Study proves it, animals like music. Well, it’s not an official study, but an observation over the years. Watching birds come to the watering hole outside of Sedona Arizona years ago when I played my Native American Flute, and most recently-

Pied Kea Piper

Pied Kea Piper

I was playing my little Indian flute, which cost all of two dollars, and a Kea at French Ridge starting coming around, and singing on the off beat. He was perched on the roof for the longest time while I stood below, outside the hut looking up at him as I played.

I brought my “glacier guitar” up the crazy French Ridge Trail. (Maybe it was me that was crazy).

My Alpine Parrot Audience

My Alpine Parrot Audience

So I put it to good use, and attracted three kea who stood and listened for about 15 minutes. Again they would caw on the off beats when I’d hold a measure or two for them. We all had a grand time.

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