Taxi Fleet uses Toyota Prius

Tom Bogdan & Prius Taxi

Tom Bogdan & his Prius taxi

A Wellington,  New Zealand taxi company called “Green Cabs” has thought of a better business plan. They have a fleet of Toyota Prius’s not only in the nation’s capital but in two other cities as well. According to taxi driver Tomislav Bogdan, pictured at right, Green Cabs has forty-five Prius taxis in Wellington alone. When we asked about the price comparison of taking the Prius taxi versus a non-hybrid we were surpised to learn the rates were actually cheaper. Bogdan adds, “The rate around town is NZ$2.50/kilometer (About US$1.50), which you won’t see our competitors offering such a price. The operating costs are cheaper, less gas! We are getting very low in-city fuel consumption rates because of the hybrid.”

Cool Graphics promote sustainability

Cool Graphics promote sustainability

The bright green Prius sports a cool logo, big global graphic, a catchy phrase stating “Safer for you and safer for the environment”,  and a driver with matching green tie.  The model Tom was driving was a 2007 standard Prius, with right side driver’s wheel of course. I doubt the paint color is standard!

Maybe other capital cities will encourage and invest in such green taxis, if they’ve not done so already. City managers take note. For information or if you’d like to take a ride in a bright green hybrid taxi you can contact Green Cabs at

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