Mammoths and Pole Shifts


Is there a link between Frozen Woolly Mammoths and Pole Shift?

When I first read parts of John White’s 1980 book,  Pole Shift,  what left an indelible mark on me, was reading the link between the green veggies found the stomachs of frozen woolly mammoths and possibility of relatively rapid shiftings of the earth’s magnetic poles called “pole shift”.  Then again, maybe I didn’t read correctly, as the excerpts from an old article indicate below, where White is interviewed by David SunFellow.

Pole Drift
Pole Drift

I’m not well versed on the subject, but from what limited knowledge I do have on the subject, I find the the correlations interesting.  Also, the way that the poles are “drifting” more every year, (also according to NASA scientist turned author/mystic Gregg Braden)  has my attention. According to Braden, airports are having to repaint their runway compass coordinates so often, that some have stopped the procedure. (Check out his books, two of which are The Isiah Effect and Awakening to Zero Point.)

Pole Shift Torpedoed by Author
By David Sunfellow

When John White first published “Pole Shift” in 1980, his book sent re-affirming shocks waves through the earth changes community. Many (including this reporter)

White mentions Mammoths
White mentions Mammoths

believed White’s book “proved” that Edgar Cayce, and a host of others, had correctly foreseen a global catastrophe that would destroy much of the planet along with major portions of the human race. White’s book was particularly powerful because it was written by a man with serious professional credentials and, perhaps more importantly, because it seamlessly wed modern scientific data with contemporary psychics and ancient myths and prophecies. While White refused to say in “Pole Shift” that he was absolutely certain that a pole shift was coming, he left no doubt that he thought one might strike sometime near the year 2000.

Now, however, White has publicly said that he doesn’t believe there is going to be a pole shift — at least the kind of cataclysmic variety envisioned by Cayce, Gordon-Michael Scallion, and others. And while “Pole Shift” is still selling like hot cakes (it is presently being published by the A.R.E., Edgar Cayce’s organization), the 1995 edition now contains an epilogue that discusses why a pole shift WON’T be visiting planet Earth anytime soon. White also challenged the themes championed in “Pole Shift” in another book of his published in 1990, “The Meeting of Science and Spirit.” In that book he writes, “On the basis of a decade’s hindsight, I think that the possibility of a catastrophic pole shift at the end of this century is increasingly unlikely. To be more precise, I do not think a pole shift will occur as predicted.”

Since then, White has apparently become even more convinced that a pole shift won’t happen. In an interview, White called the possibility of a geological pole shift around the year 2000 “nonsense and fantasy.” Furthermore, he also believes that there has probably NEVER been a pole shift, although he doesn’t rule out the possibility that it could occur someday in the distant future. White is, however, careful to distinguish the difference between a magnetic pole shift and a geological one. While acknowledging that there have been at least 181 occasions recognized by science when the magnetic field of the Earth has completely collapsed and re-established itself in the opposite polarity, White says that these reversals were never accompanied by catastrophes. “Or,” says White, “certainly not catastrophes of the sort predicted by pole shift theorists and predictors.” White also said that as far as he knows, such magnetic shifts do not occur on any cyclical basis, nor are they triggered by outer-space events.

Why, exactly, does White believe a pole shift won’t happen?

First, White says that the precursor events foreseen by Cayce, and a host of other psychics, have not taken place as predicted.

Second, White believes the Piri Reis Map (a Renaissance map found by Charles Hapgood in the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS in 1959) and a map drawn by Oronteus Finaeus in 1532 are not accurate maps of an ice-free Antarctica. Pole-shift theorists have cited them as evidence that the continent was free of thick layers of ice and snow within the last 12,000 years and that its current ice-locked condition happened very quickly (perhaps in hours or days). Modern subglacial topographic maps indicate the ancient maps are not exact renditions of what actually lies beneath Antarctica’s ice, nor do they account for what the subglacial topography of Antarctica would actually look like if massive amounts of ice and snow were removed and the land rebounded from the weight (isostatic rebound): Antarctica would be raised as much as 3,100 feet in the interior and 160 feet along the coasts. Thus, while both of these maps may have been efforts to guess at what the land mass of Antarctica looked like, neither was drawn by someone who actually saw an ice-free Antarctica. Some researchers believe that the maps are based on observations of early Portuguese sailers who may have discovered Antarctica before 1513. The Piri Reis map even contains comments that strongly suggest it drew at least part of its inspiration from early, possibly secret, Portuguese records. If these maps are, indeed, based on Portuguese voyages, then the idea that Antarctica was mapped by ancient, technologically advanced civilizations (from earth or elsewhere) is also effectively discounted.

Third, the discovery of wooly mammoths that appear to have been instantly frozen, some with flowers in their mouths and stomachs, has been one of the strongest arguments pole shift theorists have used to support an instantaneous flipping of the poles — or slipping of the earth’s crust. White now believes, as do many others who have seriously studied this peculiar phenomenon, that every argument put forward by pole shift theorists to explain this phenomenon, have been effectively refuted by ordinary explanations.

To name a few:

1. The new science of taphonomy (the study of the processes an animal goes through from the time it starts to die until its remains are finally embedded in a geological stratum) demonstrates that mammoths died not as the result of disastrous temperature change, but from asphyxia (i.e., drowning in an icy stream, suffocating in a landslide, etc.);

2. Mammoth flesh is not so well preserved as has been claimed, but rather the flesh had begun to putrefy BEFORE being frozen in permafrost;

3. Mammoths were adapted to cold conditions (pole-shift theorists typically believe they weren’t — they argue mammoths lived in warmer climates that were instantly blanketed by arctic conditions);

4. There is documented evidence that flowers and other vegetation do not require dramatic flash-freezes to be perfectly preserved (more mundane circumstances have produced this phenomenon);

5. Radiocarbon dating of frozen mammoths indicates that they were not all frozen in a single catastrophic moment — rather, their freezings were spread out over a much longer time period.

Fourth, while the mechanics of ice ages are still not fully understood, current evidence argues against pole shifts being their triggering mechanism. In “The Meeting of Science and Spirit,” White itemizes the arguments for pole-shift-induced ice ages as well as current research calling these arguments into question. His conclusion: “Altogether then, the latest evidence weighs against pole shifts, although the onset of deglaciation is [still] unexplained.” Significantly, White does not rule out pole shifts as a triggering mechanism in his 1990 book and, in fact, says that he believes at least one theory of crustal displacement deserves serious consideration.

Noting that White is placing more reliance on scientific evidence than on psychic clairvoyant prophecies, I asked him why.

“I’m not a scientist. I’m only a student of science. But I have enormous respect for the scientific method as a way of probing reality and ascertaining the truth of something. Science has its limits, and spiritual truths will not be proven definitely by science. On the other hand, science does have a lot to say that can help us to assess the validity of reported spiritual truths. In a world of spirituality, there’s a strong tendency for people to cross over the line from having an open mind to having a hole in the head.”

John White has degrees from Dartmouth and Yale, and has been writing, teaching and lecturing on diverse New Age subjects since the 1960’s. In 1972, he joined with Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell to found The Institute of Noetic Science. He is also the author of several books, including “Pole Shift,” “Frontiers of Consciousness,” “Future Science,” “Kundalini, Evoltion and Enlightenment,” and “The Meeting of Science and Spirit.”

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  1. Martha H. Says:

    WHat does White have to say about the crustal movement happeing now after the current earthquake activity?

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