Cultural Immersion, The Creative Way


By Amanda Richards

Machu Picchu

The Mountain Spirit Peru 2009 cultural immersion trip is already into Day 4 of the exciting program. The group  of 7 clients with Randy Richards and Guillermo Seminario as their facilitators,  are currently at Ollantaytambo, staying with Anna Sequiros and her family. Today is a day to learn more about local customs, sustainable agriculture, women’s issues and visit the local school. The group will also help prepare their own meal, which for some will include preparing and eating guinea pig – a national dish of Peru. Tomorrow they will set off for Machu Picchu and discover more about the richness of the Inca Empire. An excellent book to learn more about the ruins is by Peter Frost, ‘Exploring Cusco’.

I am here in Cusco, my fourth day in Peru. Randy has always spoken so fondly of the Peruvian people and I am experiencing what he means.The people are so open and gentle and kind, its a delight to be here. The group will be back in Cusco on Saturday and we will spend some time with the very special Chimu Inkas – Guillermo, Mario and WachChimu Inkasi.

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