Learning Zampoña at Altitude


Blowing into a Zampoña at 11,000 feet can have dizzying affects
By Randy Richards

Making Zampoñas - Cusco

Making Zampoñas - Cusco

On our recent Peru’09 Program participants had the opportunity to learn how to make Zampoñas and how to play them. Facilitator Guillermo Seminaro first helped participants adjust and shave down bamboo tubes, then put them together to make the Zampoña. That day, (and for the rest of the trip) he taught them some traditional Peruvian folklore songs.

Tuckered out!

Tuckered out!

All loved the experienced. S Smith really got into, not only the zampoña, but the charango as well.  Here he is, at left, shown after the results of high altitude zampoña playing.  Beginners have a hard enough time not getting dizzy at sea level. Here you can see the thin Cusco air, and the zampoña got the better of him. He recovered just fine, without incident. As you can see there’s a smile on his face.

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2 Responses to “Learning Zampoña at Altitude”

  1. Javier Lopez esquivel Says:

    HI i would like to ask you some cuestions about your experience making zampoñas. You know i recently went to Chiapas and i saw a group of musicians playing bolivian music

    • mtnspirit Says:

      Fire away! What questions do you have about making Zampoñas? If I can’t answer them, We can ask Guillermo in Peru.

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