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More Than We Bargained For –
Cruz del Sur’s “In flight” Video Selection – Either Haphazard or Hypocritical:
By Randy Richards

Mt. Huascaran from Huaraz

Mt. Huascaran from Huaraz

You can’t make this stuff up. On a recent bus ride on first class Cruz del Sur, a South American bus line, from Lima to Huaraz ,Peru, we experienced quite good service until it got to the video selections. South American buses are known for their selection of  violent action movies. Nobody seems to know why. Maybe they think we like them, or, there’s something embedded in the Latin American psyche that shies away from thoughtful movies on buses.

So when Denzel Washington starring in  Man on Fire turned violent midway through the film, we weren’t surprised, and just covered up the speaker with Styrofoam and looked at the scenery. What was surprising was the the bus company’s next selection, Fire Proof, an evangelical Christian selection preaching salvation. While it had some good points on how to maintain a good marriage, the preaching to us, as a captive audience kind of sucked, especially being a Pacha Mama sort of guy.

It cracked me up: First came Man on Fire, then, Fire Proof.  As I said, you can’t make this sort of thing up. If you’re considering Cruz del Sur, (which I have used for over 12 years), just remember to bring ear plugs and a bandana for covering your eyes, to control your own environment.
Cheers from Huaraz, Peru.
R. Richards

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