A Long Lost Incan Noble?


Why the discovery of the “Lord of Vilcabamba” changes everything
From: Andean Air Mail & PERUVIAN TIMES
By Paul Goulder

Inca Gable at Espiritu Pampa

It is worth examining the significance of the discovery of the tomb of a Wari noble at the Espiritu Pampa archaeological site, an “aristocrat” who has been named variously Lord Vilca, Huari, Wari and (here) Vilcabamba.   Journalists have a nose for the sensational, so it is not surprising that in Australia, for example, the Herald Sun should give significant coverage – as have newspapers around the world – to the discovery of a tomb thousands of miles away from Sydney, in the tropical cloud forest (ceja de selva) of Peru. The forest may be cloudy but with this find Peru’s history becomes that much clearer.
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