How Life Changes in a Second


Although we weren’t downtown when the Christchurch earthquake hit, (we were there the day before) we are still recovering from the experience of being in our home 1km from the epicenter, and about 20 min from Christchurch. We’ve since relocated to the Wanaka/Queenstown area.

Dust rises as the Quake hits Christchurch

We hadn’t been in the Christchurch area more than a week or two. We had just unpacked after having arrived from the U.S. via a short trip to Australia for Christmas. But we were getting to know the city. We had gotten our library  and metro cards. Amanda had signed up for art classes in Lyttelton.

I thought I’d share this post, and….  Here is an interactive  look of  before and after satellite images of the hardest hit areas of this wonderful town. The Queenstown District Council had, at last count, recorded about 75,000 people having left Christchurch and come into the their region as either temporary or permanent residents.

"Christchurch Before and After" Scroll/Slider

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6 Responses to “How Life Changes in a Second”

  1. Susan in NH Says:

    Wow, so glad you are all okay.

  2. Wendy Says:

    How scary! Glad that you and Amanda were together when the shaking began. We’re VERY glad that you are both OK.

  3. JezBod Says:

    I was there as well, my mother and I landed 2 1/2 hours before and were just getting ready to go shopping for provisions when it struck. We had a hire car full of fuel and somewhere else to go (a sister near Dunedin) so were very lucky. We returned in 2012 for the memorial service.

    • mtnspirit Says:

      Thanks for the comment…yeah, that really was bad for all involved, and still continues to be a huge dilemma for the residents of CHCH.
      I’m glad you were OK. How was the memorial service? We missed that.
      R Richards

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