A Small World Indeed


An email from some good folks in Sunapee NH
Dear Randy,
Bill and I just returned yesterday from an amazing trip to Ecuador (Galapagos Islands) and Peru (Lima, Cuzco, Machu Pichu).  Our tour group was treated to a performance by Chimu Inka at a local restaurant in Cuzco for our farewell lunch…we thoroughly enjoyed their music.

Chimu Inka photo shoot 2004

I purchased their CD but didn’t open it until we were back at our hotel.  Little did I know I’d see Sunapee, NH on the inside cover…the name Dexter didn’t ring a bell, but I suspected it was you as I recalled your last name.  Sure enough, I called Carol and she confirmed it.  Wish I’d opened the case while at the restaurant.  Our tour guide was an amazing guy, born and raised in Cuzco, G. Walter Rodriguez, in case you might know him.

They had a group of 4 dancers performing with them…I was privileged to be pulled into the dance with one of the guys…it wasn’t easy at that altitude!  But what a great memory! It was exciting to have that connection and a great memory of our trip.

My Response..

Hi Sharon,


Chimu Inka Album #3

Thanks for your email, and great to read your story! I do remember you both, and was thrilled to read of your experience in La Ratama restaurant with Chimu Inka. Yes…too bad you didn’t know about the connection while you were there, as the band  would have loved to know that you’re  from Sunapee, and would have given you a real local connection. They are like family to me.
Now to complete the “Smaller World segment” of this story….

You may not have known it but Chimu Inka came to the U.S.  for an educational tour in the fall of 2008, and played at the CoffeeHouse, Flanders Stage in the harbor, Richards’ Library and throughout the New England area. You can see their ’08 webpage & schedule by clicking here. What’s more is we plan on having them back to NH in the spring of 2012. We also have an program focusing on Peruvian music in Cusco/Machu Pichu.

I’m not sure I know Walter Rodriguez. I might recognize him if I saw him. I also love the four dancers and their routine. I’d love to bring them to the U.S as well. Yep, I’ve been pulled out onto the stage more than once. I’ve spent a fair amount of time there at that restaurant, listening and talking and supporting Chimu Inka.

If you know anyone that would like an educational experience in Peru do please let me know as we have been running programs there since 1998. We don’t have much in the way of advertising funds to get the word out much, but  I feel we run great programs there, and would love to expand. You can see testimonials of our last program, (with participants from Sunapee) and the itinerary by clicking here. What’s more, Guillermo, leader of Chimu Inka was my co-leader for the trip. I’m passionate about the Peru program and hope to expand it with a semester program for teens.

All the best,

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