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12 REGLAS Para Tocar en una Banda

Band Chimu Inka,  Cusco, Circa 2003

Banda Chimu Inka, Cusco, Circa 2003

1 . Cada uno debe desempeñar la misma pieza .
2. Observar los signos de repetición sólo si lo que acabas de jugar era interesante.
3. Si toca una nota equivocada , mirar a uno de los otros jugadores.
4. La nota correcta , en el momento equivocado , es una nota falsa . ( Y viceversa ).
5. Una nota equivocada , jugó tímidamente , es una nota falsa .
6. Una nota equivocada , interpretada con autoridad, no es más que tu interpretación de la frase .7. Si todo el mundo se perdió, sino que , seguir los que se pierden .
8. Esfuércese siempre para jugar el máximo notas por segundo. Esto intimidará los jugadores más débiles y que ganar la admiración de los ignorantes.
9. Las marcas de ligaduras , dinámica y alteraciones deben ser completamente ignorados. Ellos están allí sólo para poner el mirar más complicado.
10. Si un pasaje es difícil , más despacio. Si es fácil , acelerar . Todo va a igualar a sí misma en el final.
11. Has logrado una verdadera interpretación cuando , al final, no has jugado una nota de la pieza original.
12. Cuando todo el mundo se detiene la reproducción, usted debe parar también . No juegues las notas que pueden haber dejado de nuevo.

Chimu Inka’s New Band Member?


Guillermo and Family

Guillermo Seminario, leader of the Peruvian band, Chimu Inka, with is wife Lourdes and their new son, born in Trujillo, Peru about 8 months ago. They just sent us this shot, which we wanted to share with you. Congrats to Familia Seminario. Chimu Inka has come to the U.S. under sponsorship from MSI in the past and will be visiting again in 2012.

A Small World Indeed


An email from some good folks in Sunapee NH
Dear Randy,
Bill and I just returned yesterday from an amazing trip to Ecuador (Galapagos Islands) and Peru (Lima, Cuzco, Machu Pichu).  Our tour group was treated to a performance by Chimu Inka at a local restaurant in Cuzco for our farewell lunch…we thoroughly enjoyed their music.

Chimu Inka photo shoot 2004

I purchased their CD but didn’t open it until we were back at our hotel.  Little did I know I’d see Sunapee, NH on the inside cover…the name Dexter didn’t ring a bell, but I suspected it was you as I recalled your last name.  Sure enough, I called Carol and she confirmed it.  Wish I’d opened the case while at the restaurant.  Our tour guide was an amazing guy, born and raised in Cuzco, G. Walter Rodriguez, in case you might know him.

They had a group of 4 dancers performing with them…I was privileged to be pulled into the dance with one of the guys…it wasn’t easy at that altitude!  But what a great memory! It was exciting to have that connection and a great memory of our trip.

My Response..

Hi Sharon,


Chimu Inka Album #3

Thanks for your email, and great to read your story! I do remember you both, and was thrilled to read of your experience in La Ratama restaurant with Chimu Inka. Yes…too bad you didn’t know about the connection while you were there, as the band  would have loved to know that you’re  from Sunapee, and would have given you a real local connection. They are like family to me. (more…)

Chimu Inka Yuks It Up


Capt. Guillermo

During their last tour in the U.S., Chimu Inka had some time to check out New England, kick their feet up and have some fun. Here are some images of light moments during their stay with us in Sunapee, NH.

We stopped at a novelty shop in Portsmouth, NH. Guillermo Seminario had time to try on some of of the various headpieces that the U.S. has to offer.

Wachi Taype, stylin'

Wachi Taype also saw some sunglasses that seemed to fit him quite well. At least that’s what we thought.

When we visited the Statue or Liberty, Mario Montalvo was jumping for joy over his opportunity to visit the Big Apple.  When we last saw the group in Cuzco, Wachi reflected on his U.S. experience – “Randy, our visit to the U.S. seems like dream”, adding, “Did it really happen?”

Mario, enthusiastic in NYC

I assured him it had, and with providence, it will happen again! We can’t wait to have these bright souls back in the U.S.A., and of course for a tour to New Zealand when we’re there.

MSI at International Festival


MSI at Colby Sawyer College International Festival
New London, NH, USA

R. Richards tells about MSI's programs, B. Dowst in background

Mountain Spirit Institute had a booth  at Colby Sawyer College’s International Festival in New London NH, USA yesterday on Thursday March 25th. Foreign students and college staff were dressed in their traditional national clothing and served food from their country.  The Peruvian band Inka Wasi, from Boston, taught audience members how to play the zampoña, then percussion instruments. Later, the trio later played traditional folklore songs from the Andes countries of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina.  Mountain Spirit Institute’s director R. Richards, spoke with one of the band members about the band Chimu Inka from Cusco. MSI sponsored Chimu Inka in the fall of 2008. The two discussed about some possible collaboration with the two bands in the future, when Chimu Inka returns to the U.S.

Inka Wasi director teaching Zampoña

Many local residents came out see this popular event which has been running a number of years here in this New England college town.  MSI board members Brenda Dowst and Amanda Richards, and Randy Richards manned the booth.

The Carrolls visit at MSI's booth

Local author Dave Carroll and his wife Laurett stopped by the booth to say hi as did other Sunapee and New London residents.  Both the Carrolls were not only fans but supporters of the Chimu Inka 2008 Peruvian/USA Music Exchange tour.

Peruvians Erecting a Tipi?


Three Guys from the Andes putting up a Tipi in New Hampshire?
By Randall Richards

G. Seminario placing a pole

It’s not every day you see three Peruvians at a New Hampshire State Park setting up a tipi. But this is what happened at Mountain Spirit Institute’s SunFest, a holistic health and sustainability event held at Mount Sunapee last year.

Band leaders Guillermo Seminario, Wachi Taype and Mario Montalvo had just arrived from Peru the week before, for their first visit to the U.S.

The three were in the U.S under invitation from Mountain Spirit Institute to teach and perform Andean folklore music throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

Three Peruvians lacing up a Tipi

I decided to press them into action to help me erect our tipi for the SunFest. The tipi would be used for classroom space and presentations by vendors and speakers invited to come to the SunFest.

I took the opportunity to get some shots of Guillermo, Wachi and Mario as they happily worked on putting up the tipi poles, fabric and the lacing pins. I kept asking them if they didn’t mind helping out, and they kept saying they were glad to learn about tipis.  “It’s not something we ever thought we’d be doing,” said band director Guillermo Seminario, of Trujillo and Cusco, Peru.

Project complete

The group ended up playing Peruvian music at the SunFest as well as at other venues throughout New Hampshire and Vermont. While their tour was successful, (and they helped take the Tipi down after the SunFest), this turned out being their most unusual project during their stay, aside from playing in a few offbeat bars.

MSI to Participate in VT International Festival

Vt I'l Festival Logo

DEC 4-6 Burlington VT

Mountain Spirit Institute will be attending Burlington Vermont’s International Festival on December 4th-6th. MSI will have a booth explaining the mission and programs of the organization. In particular, the Peruvian/USA Music Exchange with the Cusco band Chimu Inka, that was so popular in 2008 will be featured at the booth. Also our Peru and New Zealand programs will be presented, where visitors will have a chance to find out more about going on an MSI program in those countries or here in the U.S.  MSI will also have Peruvian Fair Trade products and Chimu Inka CD’s and instruments for sale to help raise funds for their return, and to fund other MSI programs as well.

The Festival has been running for over fifteen years, and according to Amanda Richards, the organizers of the event are excited to have Mountain Spirit attend the festival. We look forward to being there as well!

Fire! Fire!


Chimu Inka bandmember Wachi Taype recently celebrated his 30th birthday here in Cusco. Wachi visited the USA with Guillermo Seminario and Mario Montalvo to teach and perform traditional folklore music for universities, high schools and communities.

He experienced a novel birthday when the candles wouldn’t go out o his cake. Onlookers are Guillermo, Mario, Mario’s daughter Auerlie, Amanda Richards and Wachi’s mother.

Chimu Inka U.S. Tour a Success

Chimu Inka in Bristol, NH Fall'08

Chimu Inka in Bristol, NH Fall'08

The Andean Folklore music band from Cusco Peru, Chimu Inka, headed by Guillermo Seminario and joined by Wachi Taype and Mario Montalvo visited the USA in September and October of 2008. Their tour was a success beyond measure. They touched our New England communities with their grace, professionalism, humor and warmth. 
The group’s schedule was packed from beginning to end, and venues were calling asking for them to play at the last moment. Unfortunately we were only limited by the number of days in a week, and our energy.  MSI Director Randy Richards  hosted the trio at his home in Sunapee, and although they based out of Sunapee, aside from the engagements there, they didn’t spend a lot of time in town. 

Chimu Inka in Bennington, VT Fall'08

Chimu Inka in Bennington, VT Fall'08

The group covered Bennington and Montpelier Vermont to Gorham NH and Sturbridge Mass. They played universities, schools, coffeehouses and even one bar.  According to Director Randy Richards, it was “mission acccomplished” at the end of the tour. “We definitely connected people to each other through this music exchange, and to themselves through the power of the music and the performances,” said Richards.
For more information on their tour in 2010, their hosting MSI participants in Peru July 2010, see their webpage at www.mtnspirit.orgor their blog at

Guillermo and Chimu Inka Host MSI Group: July 12th’09

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

MSI is excited to be working further with Guillermo Seminario and Chimu Inka this summer. For anyone interested in joining us, a small group, (limited to 6-7) will be going to Cusco, Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca with Guillermo and Chimu Inka as our hosts.   MSI has been running programs to Peru since 1998, (R Richards had been mountain guiding before that in Peru), and we are excited to be working with who we consider our dear family members Guillermo, Wachi and and Mario.  

Amantani Island, Summit View

Amantani Island, Summit View

We will visit with locals, do a small service project, stay in the Sacred Valley, venture to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca. There will be a base for a few days in Ollantaytambo where we will head to Willoc to study weaving in action. This area is known for it’s traditional weaves with mainly vegetable dyes.  Of course, Guillermo and his band members will provide a strong musical influence, not only by performing, but sharing with us their history and love of traditional Andean folklore music.

There is still space available, airline prices are at an all time low to Lima and Cusco, so we hope you’ll consider joining us. For more information see MSI’s website at or contact Randy Richards at 603-763-2668 or by email at .