Fire! Fire!


Chimu Inka bandmember Wachi Taype recently celebrated his 30th birthday here in Cusco. Wachi visited the USA with Guillermo Seminario and Mario Montalvo to teach and perform traditional folklore music for universities, high schools and communities.

He experienced a novel birthday when the candles wouldn’t go out o his cake. Onlookers are Guillermo, Mario, Mario’s daughter Auerlie, Amanda Richards and Wachi’s mother.

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4 Responses to “Fire! Fire!”

  1. Pablo Myhre Says:

    You sneeky guy Randy- trick candles, eh ??
    I spent 3 days in our nearby Mt Stuart range w / Dave & Roger with mtn goats in camps and huckleberries !
    Andre got his 81 yr old polish friend up Emmons Gl on Mt Rainier . He did not break the age record, but they were popular!!
    Open invite for you and spouse to do Stuart or Rainier !! P

  2. Amy Gordon Says:

    Happy Birhday, Wachi!

  3. Coralia Says:

    Hola Wachiiiiii!!!
    Saludos desde New Hampshire, EEUU.

    Feliz Cumpleaños querido compatriota! Ya no soplas, eh? Un saludo muy especial para ti de parte de Michael. Nosotros estamos muy ocupados cosechando papas, cebollas, tenemos por monton! tenemos que hacer donaciones porque solitos no nos podemos comer.
    Un saludo para los chicos Chimu Inka, les extrañamos aqui, esperamos su regreso. Saludos para tu mamita, (supongo que es la señito de la foto) se le ve emocionada!

    Con cariño,

  4. Fire! Fire! « Chimuinka’s Weblog Says:

    […] By chimuinka Check out this video: Wachi Taype’s birthday cake surpise, presented to him Aug. […]

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