Getting the lowdown from Anna Sequieros on washing

Getting the lowdown from Anna Sequieros on washing

By Randall Richards
S. Smith was recently a participant on our Peru Cultural Immersion program. He did an excellent job of stretching his comfort zones, and on many occasions really sought out learnings.  For someone who had never been to South America, he was a great traveler, and even got to work washing some of his clothes.  T. Young also got in on the act, as did I, and we had an official clothes washing session. I’m fairly used to washing my own clothes in a basin, and hanging them to dry, but wasn’t  sure about my compadres. Our host, Anna gave us some pointers regardless of our experience and comfort levels.

Abran with his kite

Abran with his kite

Abran, who was a bit shy at the time this photo was taken at right, also has a simple approach. He made a kite out of local reeds and some plastic. Granted, if he had the chance, he might prefer a store-bought kite that has Spiderman or some colors, but because of necessity, I think Abran is more ingenious than his counterparts in the USA.
(He later warmed up in front of the camera a few days later). See a previous (our first) video post, where Abran gave us wave.

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