Reduce Plastic Bottles


Buy this product!

Buy this product!

By Randall Richards
We have been using the Pristine Water Bottle with filter in Peru for about two months now, and we’re ready to endorse this product with no reservations. We have cut our plastic bottle footprint by 95%. We still buy the occasional bottle water con gas, as a treat, but even then we’re about ready to stop that practice.
Another benefit of using this product is, I’ve never had a healthier stay in Peru. I have heard of bottled water sometimes having tampered caps, and this is the first time I’ve not had some sort of stomach upset.  I am pulling water right out of the tap here in Cusco, and it’s working well.

Although I like the Katadyn external water filter that I’ve had for years, which works well for high altitude and fail-safe longer trips, I have to say their water bottle filter is too heavy and takes up too much room (within the bottle for any water)  for my liking.

This thing works. SteriPen Classic

This thing works. SteriPen Classic

Another product we’re using, which although is new for us, but is working well,  is the SteriPen UV water purifier. It too has been easy to use and working without a hitch, also to purify drinking water from the tap. We recommend the Classic model as it takes standard Lithium or NiMH batteries.

Buy these products, cut out the plastic bottles, whether in South America or anywhere in the world.

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One Response to “Reduce Plastic Bottles”

  1. h2ofilters Says:

    I agree that Steripen is the best portable water purifier. I have read reviews on a lot of them and it seems Steripen is always on the top of highly recommended purifiers for traveling and camping.

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