Protecting “The Uncontacted” – Peru


The Mashco Piro Indigenous People

Gov’t Takes Measures to Protect the Uncontacted Mashco Piro People
By Andean Air Mail & PERUVIAN TIMES

Peru’s government has said they are taking measures to protect an uncontacted tribe located in the south-east Amazon rainforest, nonprofit organization Survival International said in a press release.

“Government authorities in Peru have responded to Survival’s call to protect uncontacted Indians who have recently appeared on riverbanks near a popular tourist destination,” the organization said Wednesday.

The Indians are believed to be from the Mashco-Piro tribe in the Manu area. Tourists who visit the nearby national park have recently been leaving clothes on the riverbanks to “entice the Indians out of the forest,” Survival said.

The group has sent warnings to outsiders to stay out of their area. They recently hit a park ranger with an arrow with the tip removed as a warning sign, Survival said.  “Uncontacted Indians lack immunity, Read the rest of this story.. 

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2 Responses to “Protecting “The Uncontacted” – Peru”

  1. Chris Bechard Says:

    A profound but sad story. Despite the best efforts of those who care, the forward progress of industrialism sees the indigenous as a pesky gnat. I hope and pray we can learn all we can about these innocent souls before their unique culture goes the way of so many before them. Thanks for sharing!

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