Buddhism & Mindfulness in the Mountains


Lama Willa Miller, the spiritual leader of a Natural Dharma Fellowship branch in Massachusetts, talks about a new refuge center, and the importance of mindfulness in the mountains. Part 1

Lama Willa Miller

By R. Richards
Mountain Spirit Institute
The Dartmouth Lake Sunapee region of New Hampshire, USA has the good fortune of seeing a new Tibetan Buddhist Refuge open in the tiny town of Springfield. After a recent open house, we learned about what Lama Willa Miller, the leader of the  Cambridge Mass based branch of The Natural Dharma Fellowship, has in mind for the new retreat center called Wonderwell, as well as the link between Buddhism and the mountains. Learn more, check out this first in series of interviews we conducted on location. See Part II

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4 Responses to “Buddhism & Mindfulness in the Mountains”

  1. jay leavitt Says:

    I would love to have more information. Is there a website or phone #?
    Home in the Summer and Fall and would like to be updated on programs.

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  3. Buddhism & Mindfulness in the Mountains: Part III « Mountain Spirit Institute: Blog Says:

    […] Richards We continue our interview with Lama Miller of Wonderwell Refuge in Springfield, NH, USA See Part I  or Part II Wonderwell Interview 3 ► if ( !jQuery.VideoPress.data["xJHdbfs9"] ) { […]

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