Mountain People Who Inspire

Becky's 86th Birthday

Becky's 86th Birthday

I just received an email from my good friend Paul Myhre in Leavenworth, Washington.  Goodie, I get to write about two mountain people who inspire. Paul, the soft spoken man of the mountains with a sharp wit and humble attitude is the quintessential mountain man. He worked as a climbing ranger for Mt. Rainer and is still fit as a fiddle at the ripe old age of  (Edited).  Paul is an inspiration, and he proves to still be so by sending me this email of climbing legend Fred Becky who just celebrated his 86th Birthday.  For those that don’t know about Fred, he’s probably put up more first ascents than anyone. Climb any classic mid-range crag in the US and chances are you’ll run across his name.  My favorite, at least for scenery is the Becky Route on Liberty Bell in the North Cascades.   The reason there are so many people at Becky’s birthday party is he seems to be a nice guy.

Far Right, 1st Row

Becky in Red, Paul: Far Right, 1st Row

I met him through Paul when I lived in Leavenworth. We all had a beer at the brewery. (I do miss Leavenworth at times)(But I’m not complaining about New Zealand at present).  The thing about mountain people like Paul and Fred is they are still out there doing it. Well, I’m not sure how much Fred is climbing, but I can bet he’s outside and in the mountains in some way. Last I heard he had his little black book out in Alaska somewhere with some young whippersnappers and was at the base camp enjoying being on the glacier. My generation may be the last child in the woods, but these guys get me going. No computers, or rarely, for them.  Ok, Paul did send me this email, but last I heard from Paul he was still doing Outer Space the Wall in Icicle Creek. The photos of Fred Becky’s birthday give me hope, lot’s of it! I’m going to pull myself away from this machine and head to Kerin Forks and Gillespie Pass tomorrow. Goodie, and I’m only fifty!

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