“Fresh- The Movie”, It’s Important!


Sustainable food and a healthy future for all our children
By Amanda Richards

Fresh, The Movie

Fresh, The Movie

A friend of mine had just mentioned she’d seen a movie called Food Inc. , a film that documents where our food in the U.S. comes from. It shows how our food supply is seriously compromised. After seeing the film however, she was wondered what she could do for her family and community – what action steps could she take? She finds that she is still shopping in supermarkets and has felt a bit ‘powerless’ to change her buying habits. Answers to her questions can be found in a new film by Ana Sofia Joanes called ‘Fresh – New thinking about the way we are eating.’ It is an optimistic movie offering a ‘gateway to action.’ Exactly what my friend is looking for. ‘FRESH is a grassroots efforts for a grassroots movement’. Instead of being distributed in cinemas, it is being offered to communities as a way for people to get together and screen the movie for themselves. In this way, it can be used as a tool for action.
I have just signed on to help Linda Howes,CN,HHP,CBE, owner of Nourishing Wellness, organize a showing in the Kearsarge Region of New Hampshire. It’s important. Have a look at the website and get involved. The ‘FRESH movement is a constantly growing community striving to alter the way our food system works.’

“We all just watched FRESH…and we were mesmerized and empowered. Every American needs to see this. You will capture hearts with this. I can’t wait to sit in an audience watching this. It is absolutely masterful. “
Joel Salatin

“We all know about the problems with the American food system, but what about the solutions? FRESH is a bracing, even exhilarating look at the whole range of efforts underway to renovate the way we grow food and feed ourselves.”
Michael Pollan

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