Local Screening of Movie “Fresh”, 106 Attend


The Movie Fresh attracts 106 people in small town
Good food, an idea whose time has come
By Randall Richards

Joel Salatin, Organic Farmer, Visionary

The small town of  New London, New Hampshire, saw one-hundred and six people turn out  for the screening of the new movie Fresh, an uplifting documentary about the local organic food movement in the U.S.  The event was co-sponsored by the New London chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation, and  Mountain Spirit Institute on Saturday November 21st.  In addition to the showing,  local vendors and food producers were invited to display, who had tables with samples and brochures, where the audience could browse and learn about the good and local food available in their community.  A brief “Q&A” discussion followed the film,  and door prizes were raffled off, including a loaf of great tasting bread by Lane Nevins and Meryl Mekeel of Workingman’s Bread Company, and natural meats raised by Ed and Nita Erickson of Battles Farm. Other vendors attending were Star Lake Farm, Sun Hill Farm,  Hazzard Acres,  Spring Ledge Farm and Dan Wolfe of Elizabeth’s Organic Eggs.

Battles Farm - Local Food Producers, Bradford, NH

The film covered the unhealthy state of the modern industrial farming and food machines controlled by a few large firms such as ADM.  Segments of the movie covered large industrial feedlots in the Midwest, chicken farms in the southeast and large commercial “mono-crop” growing operations of corn and soy in the Midwest . Bovine growth hormones and genetically modified crops were covered.  Also covered however, were success stories of organic farms that are to be the model of a new generation of sustainable farming.  Joel Salatin‘s PolyFace farm (Farm of Many Faces) was one of the operations featured in the film.

After the movie Mountain Spirit Founder, Randall Richards said of Lane Nevin’s efforts to bake local bread, “His idea to start this business is coming  just at the right time. People are crying out for local alternatives to the “3000 mile loaf of bread” coming from California. Plus,” He added,” Lane makes a good loaf of bread!”

Event organizer Linda Howes (CN, HHP, CBE), owner of Nourishing Wellness is a long-time health advocate in the area, and has worked as a food nutritionist and health councilor for many years in the New London area. She has a solid following at her practice. She maintains an office in this small town, and was pleased by the turnout.

Proctor & Gamble Exec. turned farmer, Will Allen

The movie Fresh is not being shown in theaters. In keeping with the spirit of the movie, people may purchase screening rights and charge for showing the movie in their local town hall or library meeting spaces. If you would like more information about showing Fresh, click here. If you would like information on how this successful event was planned in our community, please  click on the contact link in this blog.

Also special thanks goes to Amanda Richards for co-organizing this event.

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3 Responses to “Local Screening of Movie “Fresh”, 106 Attend”

  1. The Salatin Family’s Ripple Effect « Mountain Spirit Institute: Blog Says:

    […] revolution taking place as we speak, see the following films: Food Inc. and Fresh, The Movie and our post about the turnout when we showed the movie in our local community. To learn more about the Salatin’s Family […]

  2. mailme@kevinpaquet.com Says:

    Really great article – I was working on a similar article which I will probably still take a shot at, but from a slightly different angle. Thanks for sharing this with your readers…Obviously a lot of others appreciate it too!

    • mtnspirit Says:

      Thanks for the comment. I like the Chicken Coops you build.
      R. Richards

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