The Salatin Family’s Ripple Effect


The Ripple Effect of One Couple’s Decision
By Randall Richards

Salatin Family Farm

Because William and Lucille Salatin decided to moved their young family to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, and purchase a worn-out  farm, they had the choice of how they were going to manage the farm.

Because they decided to “use nature as a pattern” in their farming practices, they established a way of farming that worked for them, the land, and the animals they raised.

Because they began using innovative ideas on how to farm sustainably in the early sixties, they knew what worked for them.

Because they turned down “the offer” to accept unsustainable commercial growing practices (that all their neighbors were accepting & adopting), they preserved their way of life for their family, land and animals.

Joel Salatin

Because William and Lucille Salatin’s son Joel Salatin was inspired to continue the good work of sustainable farming, the farm now supports three generations.

Because Joel Salatin now has the experience of being brought up on a sustainable farm, he and his family are now in the unique position of being a rare example in today’s American culture,  of showing us that sustainable farming works for both the farmer, the livestock, the land, and the consumer.

Because they are showing us it is possible, other American farms will learn from the Salatin’s PolyFace Farm, and adopt these best practices for sustainable farming.

Food Inc's "Factory Farmed Cow" logo

Because American farms can and most likely will adopt these practices, mass commercial farms with huge, antibiotic laden, bacteria infested,  feedlots will be thing of the past.

Because the American people will see there is an alternative to mainstream mass-produced farm meats, they will purchase the goods from farms like the Salatin’s

Because the American people will purchase these goods, they will no longer be bloated from intakes of high fructose corn syrup, growth hormones, and antibiotics in their food chain.

Because they are healthier, the U.S, and the world will be a much happier place, animals included. Thanks William and Lucille Salatin, for making the choices you did.  It had quite a ripple effect.
Never underestimate the long term effect of a decision you make. Buy local, buy organic, and vote with your dollar.

For more information on the Salatin’s PolyFace Farm, the food supply and the revolution taking place as we speak, see the following films: Food Inc. and Fresh, The Movie and our post about the turnout when we showed the movie in our local community. To learn more about the Salatin’s Family Story and PolyFace Farm click here.

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