The Mind: “Just Stop It!”


Be Here Now
Being in the present moment is all there  is. This light-hearted skit by Bob Newhart on MadTV illustrates this message with brevity and humor.
Amanda and I attend a wonderful “Open Hearted Listening” group along with other couples, once per month,  facilitated by the wise Don Rosenthal, about whom I’ve written in a prior post.  Last night, some of were talking about first, observing our behaviors that are like useless baggage we’re carrying around, and simply drop the behavior, like one would a hot coal.  Enjoy..

Editor’s Note: Thought I’d include something:  That those with cases of clinical depression and similar diagnosed issues, being told to “stop it” could probably cause quite serious repercussions.  I was talking with a friend today who’s a psychologist (it wasn’t an appointment). I mentioned this skit and the premise. She replied, “That’s funny, sometimes I feel like saying “Stop it” to my clients,” adding, “Who would they be without their stories.”, Indeed, who would each one of us be, without our stories.

Tolle states that the there really isn’t that much difference between a stranger wandering down the sidewalk muttering to himself, and the rest of us, only the rest of us don’t do it out loud. We’ve don’t know to find the “off button”. The instrument has taken us over. Similar to an air conditioner making a background hum, the mind makes background noise with endless commentary and thought. Only  when we “stop it” do we notice the peace. That’s something to think about.

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