“Your Food Supply” Blog Series


Coming soon: New series of blog posts  will open your eyes.
Keep an eye out for a new series of video and text posts starting here in a few days. We think you’ll like it.
We’ve just traveled across the U.S.A,  listening to an Omnivore’s Dilemma by Micheal Pollan. It was experiential education at its best, and a sobering experience.

What’s more it led to some great footage and interviews here in Durango, CO with local farmers and restaurateurs.
Stay tuned for this informative series of blog posts on your food supply.

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2 Responses to ““Your Food Supply” Blog Series”

  1. andy lynch Says:

    Web site looks great. Good to see you in today and can’t wait to see how your blog unfolds.

    All the best,
    Andy Lynch
    Cocina Linda

    PS Keep up the good work!

    • mtnspirit Says:

      Andy and Linda,
      It was GREAT to meet you two, and thanks for the good food, and info and interviews on Concina Linda, and the scoop on the “Greater American Food Supply”. Hope you like to coverage we’ll be posting. First footage – postage today. Thanks too for the Kudos on the blog and website.

      Love to you both,
      Randy and Amanda

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