Your Food Supply #6: Fair Trade


Third World Countries Depend on First World Markets
Now what do we do? We’ve built market relationships in Mexico and other countries, where they sell everything from avocados to bananas to the U.S. Should we now stop buying their products in order to buy local? How much damage would that do to their farming economies?  It’s not so clear, according to Linda….
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2 Responses to “Your Food Supply #6: Fair Trade”

  1. Howling Hill Says:

    It’s my understanding the majority of food grown in “third world” nations is grown a la monoculture. Not only is this a detriment to the environment but to the people who farm the land. After all, if a community has it’s economy based on avacado production that’s what the land will be used for not for growing other food stuffs necessary for healthy bodies of the workers.

    I don’t think it’s immoral to stop buying products not grown in your living area because it increases the health of the planet, the plants, and the animals in the ecosystem. It allows Mother Earth to heal and regenerate and it allows the human inhabitants the ability to grow the food they want for their own needs.

    • mtnspirit Says:

      Good Comments, we’re on a MSI program right now, but one of us will reply shortly with further thoughts on this conundrum.
      R. Richards

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