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Your Food Supply #13: A Food Revolution


Your Food Supply #11


Question: A single pound of industrially produced ground beef contains how many different strands of DNA? Find out below:

Your Food Supply #8: Real Corn


Linda describes what good organic corn looks, feels and tastes like.

Your Food Supply #6: Fair Trade


Third World Countries Depend on First World Markets
Now what do we do? We’ve built market relationships in Mexico and other countries, where they sell everything from avocados to bananas to the U.S. Should we now stop buying their products in order to buy local? How much damage would that do to their farming economies?  It’s not so clear, according to Linda….
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Your Food Supply #4: Healthy Lard?


Good Lard, What is it and Why Should I Care?

Your Food Supply #3: Ancient Corn


Cocinca Linda Explains Corn Grinding, The Ancient Way

Your Food Supply #2: Passionate Restaurateur


Meet a Passionate Food Supplier

"Made by Hand, From the Soul of Mexico"

After our drive through corn fields, cattle feed lots and processing plants of the of the great American prairies complete with narration on CD of “An Omnivore’s Dilemma” we arrived in Durango for our week of House sitting. When looking for a restaurant which served local food, we found Cocina Linda, run by an energetic and passionate woman to whom we both took a liking. Below is the first post in a series from our informative interview with her. Stay tuned for more the next few weeks.  Watch this video to see why we love Linda and her good food.
Image: Cocina Linda’s Logo