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Mountain Spirit New Zealand – A Video Snapshot


Check out our new video which gives you an overview of what we’re up to, our goals and dreams to make Mountain Spirit a place where people can connect to nature, themselves and each other. The video was done by “The Master” *Ashley Leung. Ash did the ground work, all editing and production. Keep the good work Ash! Randall did the aerial footage, and Ash made magic with it.

*We feel very fortunate to have Ashley, his wife Autumn and their new daughter as family friends. We miss them them and look forward to their return to New Zealand.

Cereal Crimes


Confused about Labels in the U.S.? You should be!

How “Natural” Claims Deceive Consumers and Undermine the Organic Label
From: Corporate Greed & Corruption Chronicles Chronicles

A Look Down the Cereal and Granola Aisle Companies’ Marketing Techniques Intentionally Blur Line Between Natural and Organic some companies that started out organic, and built consumer loyalty as organic brands, have switched to non-organic “natural” ingredients and labeling.  Peace cereal® is an example. Companies that market “natural” foods to eco-conscious and health-conscious consumers benefit from widespread confusion between organic  and “natural.” This section details various techniques that have been used by companies in their attempt to appear to be equivalent to organics, intentionally blurring the distinction to mislead shoppers.

Companies marketing “natural” products merely pay lip service to sustainability and eco-friendliness, while undercutting truly committed organic companies.

Some companies that started out organic, and built consumer loyalty as organic brands, have switched to non-organic “natural” ingredients and labeling. Peace Cereal® is an example  of “bait-and switch.”  In 2008, the company that owned the Peace Cereal® brand, Golden Temple, switched from organic to cheaper conventional ingredients, without  lowering its prices. At the time of the switch, the company also did not change its package design, other than eliminating the USDA Organic seal and the word “organic” from its
cereal boxes. Most egregiously, it did not change the barcode on the cereal boxes. Many retailers and shoppers were unaware of the switch until e Cornucopia Institute conducted an investigation in late 2010.
Some retailers continued to use “organic”   read the rest of this story…

Your Food Supply #8: Real Corn


Linda describes what good organic corn looks, feels and tastes like.

Your Food Supply #7: BuckHorn Mt.


Buckhorn Gardens in Montrose Colorado goes “MorGanic”
Breigh Peterson and Darren Cloud go beyond organic at the Telluride Farmer’s Market.

See Buckhorn Gardens’ website.

Your Food Supply #5


Concina Linda Works with Local Farmers

Your Food Supply #4: Healthy Lard?


Good Lard, What is it and Why Should I Care?

Your Food Supply #1.2: You’re Kidding, Right?


Do you know how many different cows are in one hamburger?
Feed Lots in Kansas, USA
Question #1: When you are eating a hamburger, you’re not eating beef from one cow, you’re eating a beef mixture from how many cows? Let us know your answer and we’ll tell you after we get 20 responses.

Question #2: Why do you think there is a hedgerow of trees along the feedlot bordering the highway?

A North American Feedlot, Kansas