Bev Reynolds of Wanaka NZ – Someone Has to Say it


By: Randall Richards, Mountain Spirit Media
Good friend and fellow freethinker, Bev Reynolds of Wanaka, New Zealand is taking action on some concerning trends in our schools and libraries which target children on inappropriate issues. Bev is forming a workgroup with others in the community. This interview has gotten some international traction, so the group’s model and action steps will most likely be shared with others both nationally and globally such as NZRising and Reignite Freedom . Please see her interview below and share this post.

For more info in New Zealand please see Bob Mc Croskie’s
And this:

Parents, Are You Witnessing Indoctrination in Your Child’s Classroom?
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3 Responses to “Bev Reynolds of Wanaka NZ – Someone Has to Say it”

  1. Joyida Says:

    “Howdy neighbour”! What is wrong with you? Have you ever checked yourself and your own level of indoctrination of such hatefulness towards people. You are sick and need help. It’s embarrassing and sad to know we have you in our community spreading and promoting such hate and destructive thinking in all your posts here and in our community.

    • mtnspirit Says:

      Well hello neighbor, whoever you are. Always happy to discuss in person why you think I may be sick and need help. It’s always a possibility I suppose. Sorry you’re not keen on having me in your community. I’d like to know what you mean by my “promoting hate and destructive thinking” in “all my posts, and in our community.” Sorry I’m a bit perplexed. I think you may have me confused with another.

    • mtnspirit Says:

      To my readers,
      I debated to pull this comment posted by our lovely Joyida, but decided to show you what “Govt. trolling” looks like. Please congratulate me if you would, as it appears I’m in ‘the club”. I contacted my media collective group here in NZ, and reached out about this commenter’s “writing skills”. To paraphrase one colleague’s observation, “It smells like the rotten stench of a government troll”. Others chimed in saying good job, I must me getting some traction or they wouldn’t be reaching out like this! Ha!
      To my fellow content providers in the “Eyes and Minds Open” community thanks for the support and kind words!
      PS, Coincidently my Telegram channel is recently encountering quite a few odd messages that are clearly not from my colleagues rather bots or trolls.

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